we are three!!

we are three!! (musings of a ‘newborn’ dad):

My mornings are never the same anymore. They are filled with reluctance to go for work, just like I used to feel while going to school on rainy monsoons in my childhood. My days are not the same anymore, they are filled with curiosity to hear the voice of my little girl back home. My evenings are never the same anymore, they are filled with excitement to come home and embrace my sweetheart. My nights are never the same anymore, they are filled with compassion and sweetness of evergreen lullabies.

I still remember those days she was inside her mom. The nights we spent in small talks, reading fables and stories, and humming lullabies, were augmenting the sweetness of anticipation. Those enthralling moments were getting assembled inside us for many days and months. Even though we were eagerly waiting outside the “safest place” in the earth, we took some time to realize those moments of joy during her much awaited birth.

Like every parents, we enjoy the competitions to prove her similarities with mom, dad and grands. :-) It’s a chapter treasured by every parents going through this phase, we realize.

Being away from our loved ones, over and above the online tips from grands, the advancement of technology has helped us much to gain confidence in proud parenting. Great YouTube videos of baby bath and massage, Google search results of pregnancy hiccups and remedies, so on and so forth. During the moments of ignorance and confusions, the natural motherly instincts of her courageous and adventurous mom scaled up to ensure that things are in control. Never in our lifetime we had imagined that we will be able to manage these days of stress and strain yet curiosity and excitement, with limited support system. We did experience the Almighty’s invisible hands in those moments of loneliness and rush of mixed emotions.

Life has been substantially changed after chilanka’s arrival. Sometimes I need to pinch myself to wake up from the dream and realize that a newborn has been arrived home. At home, I never realize whether its a day or night, rain or sun outside. Pretty quickly, life has been encapsulated to a little girl who makes me proud as a “dad”, thrilled as a “father” and responsible as a “parent”.

I hear the lines of a sweet lullaby from the other side of the wall from an affectionate mom. I quickly realized, we are not TWO now. We are THREE!! :-)

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  1. Vrinda says:

    Its a great feeling when you become a parent of a child. I feel most of the parents experience great feeling, when their child is born, reaching each milestones of growth, and ultimately become a great human being. But i think everyone may not find it easy to pen-down all their feelings like you. Let me share these links to my friends, who are parents too… let them cherish the memories they had with their kids… thanks for creating this website… Please make sure that this journey is a never-ending one :-)

  2. Anjit. V.S says:

    Chilanka dear, as you grow up, when your father scolds you, when you think of doing anything wrong and in teen ages when you think you know more, more than your parents and when new commitments change your life….just go through these pages.. U can feel the heart of a father which always beats for you.. Really I love your love nandakishor sir….

  3. Anjit. V.S says:

    hi sir.. hats of for your creativity and on the knees for your love.. The mesmerizing wordings will be the remembrance of your care and affection forever.. Chilanka dear… you are lucky to get such a father..

  4. Arun says:

    Great Dad . . . ! ! ! Lucky daughter…
    Kishore sir, superb . . . really u r a great dad…..

  5. Ardra says:

    hai chetta… kalakkittoo…. firstly i appriciate ure creativity…. really amazing….. chilluz is very cute….

  6. Ardra says:

    hai chetta… kalakkittoo…. firstly i appriciate ure creativity…. really amazing….. chilluz is very cute…. ure also blessed….



  8. Areefa says:

    Hi chilanka…..you are very lucky.because you got lovely mum&dad.

  9. Rachel says:

    Hi chilanka babiee…..ur soo cute n ur a very lucky girl to have such lovely parents! you have so many memories to cherish all ur life n wen ur a big girl u will look back to this & smile…! I want to wish u a very good future n hope u will give all this love back to ur parents..!

    love from a chechi….x

  10. rejeesh uncle says:

    hai chilankakutti… You r very lucky… I saw your fotos… Chakkara umma…

  11. Sitara Shamsuden says:

    hai chilanka,
    read abt ur site from vanitha…i was so curious to see this…this is a great work by ur parents dear…..this is the symbol of their love to u…U r d most luckiest daughtr chilanka….U shud gve back all this love to ur parents when they are weak(old)….old people will be having behaivoural issues ,memory problem and all…u shud be patient and shud giv gud care that time….only thats the way to gv back this divine love…mashallah u luk so cute dear…again am telling u chilanka…take care of them when they are weak…bye dear…may allah bless you….u will read this and undesrtand when u rch atleast 10 yrs i think….bye….

  12. Anjana says:

    Eaverybody watch your groth, You the lucky girl chilluuuuu.

  13. Jayesh Ireland says:

    It is a good starting for children …and they can view their earlier in future life…and they can show it for their children….

  14. Balagopal Menon says:

    I wish Chilanka kutty, her dad and mom a long happy and prosperous life.

  15. Joy says:

    Dear Nandan… Excellent job….Great idea, good wordings and nice collection of photos..Visiting this website will be a wonderful feeling for your little princess once when she start understanding things…she will cherish this “gift of love” forever…and she will realize the happiness you both had to welcome her in your life ….Chilanka mol..wish you a beautiful life…….

  16. sonu says:

    Wishing a long happy life for Chilanka & family………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. bini says:

    keep going nandakishore, i just love the way u express ur affection for ur little princess…. ofcouse…she will be proud of her great parents when she will attain the age of understanding this world….

  18. swathy anoop says:

    Hai vave,,,,,,,,,,,

    orayiram snehashamsakal…………

    May the God shower his blessings on you dear……

    Njanum kathu irikkayaanu, oru kunju vavakku vendi…. vavaye poloru vavaye…..

  19. sabeena k suresh says:

    chilanka u r so lucky , wish u a bright future

  20. faiz ahamed says:

    hey chilloooozzz……..u r lucky to get these gr8 prntzz…..
    wish u a gr8 future…
    @cuty chilloozzz dad n mom : wish u happy married life….ee mrd life il pranayam nirayaan aashamsikkunnu…

  21. Minu.. says:

    swt angel chilanka… U r so lucky 2 hav a such grt parentz ….u shud proud of ur parentz sweety.. Dfntly 1 dy u wl realis thr valuez…nvr evr mak thm sad ma angel… May god blz u. N al th vry bst 4 ur future…may al ur drmz cm true….n parentz.. U both r alzo vry lucky 2 hav swt angl lyk her..

    Minusha, calicut..

  22. aswathy says:

    u r so sweet baby. ur parents r also so lucky 2 get a baby like u. sweety lv u da chilanka kutty

  23. aamidev says:

    chilanka u r very lucky da…………… ummaaaaaaaa…… u r cuteeeeeeeeeeeee and ur father alsoooooooooo

  24. gowri says:

    hai vave, u r sö lucky 2 have such a great parents. All the best for ur bright future , by ,gowri chechi 8th class, thodupuzha

  25. remya mukesh ernakulam says:

    njan 2 yrs ulla hrishikeshinte amma aanu.. kunjuvavaye njangalkkothiri ishttaayi.. oru kaaryam koodi shradhikkoo.. kurachu naalaakum vare vaavakuttiyude mukhachaaya marikkondeyirikkummm..

  26. shafna nazeer says:

    salaam..its m shafna.nazeer..njangalude life entire maari poyi after cumin f our sign of luv afthab..u can c him in our facebook page afthab nazeer hydrose.. He z 1 yr old boy.. Afthoon chilankaye wanna as afrnd ..really wanna c u..chillluuuuuuuuuuuu ..bcoz i luv baby girl! Chwt hug frm mee

  27. Amala says:

    Being a mother of a 5 yr old boy, now only I realize that parenting is such a great treasure of god…………chilanka kutty,You are really blessed with such a loving Papa & Mummy
    God bless you all

  28. Amitha David says:

    Chilanka kuttiiiiii ,
    you r so sweety to see darling

  29. aswathy says:

    hai chilanka vavee
    u r so lucky that uget aloving pappa &mamma.ihave a babyher name mahalakshmi (manikutty)she wants to be friend of u.

  30. Keerthana Dinesh says:

    A trio of unique togetherness
    And a wholesomeness of love so special.
    Chilanka chimes on and on
    As the days,months and years roll by.

    May your togetherness be an experience of
    The TRIO of the decades since 2010.
    May there bloom the flowers of future delight
    As another TRIO joins the line of life.

    Class 9,
    Nalanda Vidya Niketan,
    Vijayawada, A.P

  31. Beena says:

    vavachi – molune kurichu vayichappol kanan kothiyavunnu. Chakkaraumma.

  32. sruthi menon says:

    hi chilankamole,
    molu sundarikkuttiyato, molunte achanum aamem molune athrem snehikunnundennu ee website kanumbo ariyan kazhiyum . molu sharikkum bagyavathiyanu engane oru achanem ammem kittyathil valuthayi kazhiyumbo molkathu manasilavum. sathyam paranja molune kanan thonnunnundu

  33. Anjali menon.m says:

    hai dear,.. i lv u da,.. ente chundhari molku,.. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmma, ente chakkara molku ella vdha aashamsagalum dheergayusum nerunnu,..

  34. madhu&beena says:

    Chakkara ummaaaa….

  35. Surya says:

    hai chilanka kkutti sukamanoda. chakkara molk chakkaraumma.

  36. Arya says:

    Hai vaveee…,vanithayiloode vavayude visheshangal arinjappol sathyathil valya santhosham thonni,,molu lucky anu ketto.molude achanum ammayum anu vaveyude bhagyam,molku ellavitha nanmayum nerunnu.CHAKKARAKKU CHAKKARA UMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAA

  37. Aletta Chechi says:

    hai Chilanka kuttee,
    you are so cute and lucky…..i watched all your photos and videos…..its so precious…..i love you so much and family is in our prayers……..we all love and care for you….
    Chweeeeeeeeet ummmmmmmmaaaaaaaa.
    Chechi…… Aletta Charis, 8yrs. Calicut.

  38. Anjana says:

    Hai Chilluuu..
    God bless you with good Parents.this time they care u sweetly.So you must care them in future.

  39. THUSHARA says:

    chilanka kutty…..you are so cute dear……i also have a small sister of this age….so i am really wishing to take you in my hand…..chilankayude parents nu ente abhinandanangal…ningalude nalla manassinum.. ithrayum nalla vavaye kittiyathinum

  40. Hasni Noufal says:

    Hellooo vavee…
    Vanitha yiludeya mole patti arinjed…katapol kaudugham thoni…swandam makkale ella parents snehikunund pakshe aa sneham ithupole express cheyunna first parents ayirikum moldeth..u r soo lucky ingane oru parents kittiyedil..i wish all happiness in ur life…love ur dad & mum more than anything in this world..!!
    molk ella vida santhoshengalum nerunnu…kude dheergayussum arogyom nerunnu..!!!

    always have a cute smile on ur face..ur parents r with u..!!

  41. safna says:

    hai chilankakutti mol bhagyavathiyane karanam ethrayeresnehikkunna achaneyum ammayeyum kittiyathine ilack you molu iloveyou daaaaaaaa

    youver seweet

  42. thasni says:

    hi chilankaaaaaa ….. inganoru achaneyum ammayeyum kittiya mol bhagyavathiyaanu.. kaalangal kazhiyum thorum avarude hriyathil molkkulla sthaanam thirichariyanam.. Eee lokam muzhuvanum ee kunju kudumbathilulla chilankayude kilukkam ishttapedunnuuuu… molkku ella aisvaryangalum dheerkhayussum nerunnu………

  43. vijiseeraj says:

    great work u have done for your cute baby.

  44. Binu says:

    Mashe … ningal oru kalakaran aya ezhuthu karan koodi anu… alleee… chilanka will be happy to see this when she is grown up… chilankakkum avalude parents num ella shamsakalum..

  45. Manikandan says:

    Creativity has its hand on everything we perceive and reproduce. Great work. I remember the days when we were eager to get some response (even a crying sound) from the newborn baby. I stopped listening to music those days, I preferred the kids sounds. (Yes, they call it noise). Love evokes newer dimensions to even the most common experience!

  46. lekha says:

    kichu……a hidden writer in u comes out slowly through ur excitement…fantastic..!

  47. nandakumaran kartha says:

    Iniyum jeevitham varnangal niranjathavatte.Vaikkathappan ella anugrahangalum ningalil varshikkatte. Moovarkkum ella nanmakalum nernuukondu Vaikkathuninnu Muthassanum Muthassiyum.

  48. Ambili says:

    wow Nandu…by reading this i can visualize your excitement..a well narrated experience..May God bless her with all the beautiful things in this world…

  49. Sai says:

    Nandu…. its just the beginning. Few more months… when she starts crawling & then walking..and starts reacting to you tru expressions.its will be amazing. Great days are ahead. have fun.