my mom & dad

My mom’s first message to me: :-)

Oh My sweetheart!! My bundle of joy!!! The day you started growing inside me, priorities in our life has changed a lot. During those days you played inside me, I had a lot of things to tell you, but now I feel empty and I am running out of words to write a note for you. But my sweetie, you are my moment of completeness, and your amma is more than happy to receive you and mother you. You are our much awaited gift from the Almighty.

The most beautiful and meaningful period in Amma’s life so far is the time when you were inside me. We trust, we tried to create a wonderful, smooth yet creative growth for you inside me. Amma can never imagine how time passed so quickly, and like you amma is also in a dream world. I keep looking at you all the time and still cannot believe you were inside me a few days before!!

Amma was nervous like most other expectant moms about the D day, but you never gave both your mom and dad a chance to be nervous by being so quick and on time. :-) You were so lovable to your parents even before you were born, and you came out just before the day you completed 37 weeks inside me. Thank you my babie!! It was a challenge to express all my mixed emotions soon after you came to this wonderful world, it was your dad who took the courage and pride to separate you from the umbilical cord. You looked at me while the nurse wrapped you in blankets, she kept you on my chest and I held you. Amma was still in pain and could not feel the happiness or contentment for a while. :(

It’s the moment of reality, and I feel the pride of being a mother. I feel my life really had a meaning when I gave a natural birth to you, my sweet little girl. Both your mom and dad are blessed to parent you!! With you around, life is never going to be the same as before, it will be more colorful, more meaningful, more playful and more creative. We are going to love every bit of it. :-)

Thank You and Almighty for these lovely moments.

Your Loving Amma


My dad’s first message to me: :-)

Happy Birthday Sweetie, and thank you for making our life more beautiful, more meaningful, and more creative!!

This was the moment we have been waiting for so many months – to become your dad and mom. And trust me, it’s a wonderful experience, knowing you and being creative with you. Well, you wanted to see this outside world as soon as possible, and we know that’s why your arrival was pretty quick, much early than expected. :-) We have prepared a beautiful nursery to welcome you home. You will be happy there, we believe.

You are born with thick long beautiful hair and that’s the first thing anybody will notice, looking at you :-)

Your mom, like any other woman, has gone through the terrible pain to bring you out to the world, and I witnessed those stressful but curious moments. Trust me, those were a few hours I thanked God for not creating me as a girl in this life. And those, just those few hours intensified my respect to your gender. I also realized the pain my mom would have experienced to bring me out to this world. Well, you will also go through this phase of motherhood one day, which will make your life more beautiful and meaningful. You have a lot of things to experience and achieve in your life. Blessings..!! Be proud to be a girl. You are awesome!!

Your Loving Dad!!